What types of recordings do you do? We record TV & radio commercials, corporate projects (e.g. web explainers, training), animations, video games, radio shows, podcast series and ADRs (TV post-production).

What languages do your VOs work in? We work in Greek and in English (European, RP or regional UK). We also have a growing database of other European languages.

Where is Greekvo based? We work from London but our voice over artists (VOs) are based in London, Athens and Amsterdam.

What voices do you have? We represent both female VOs and male VOs. Our VOs are trained actors with experience in radio, TV, film and theatre.

Do you have a studio? We have partner studios in London, Athens and Thessaloniki. Our VOs also have home studios. We can either work with a client’s preferred studio or we can arrange one on your behalf.

Do you have your own sound engineer? Our partner studios in London & Athens have experienced sound engineers. We also have some editing software in our home studios.

How much do you charge for a recording? Each project is quoted on based on the type of recording (e.g. TVC), territory (e.g. Greece), usage (e.g. YouTube) and the length of time (e.g. 1 yr). The BSF (Basic Studio Fee) for each VO artist is £150-£250 p/hr.

For example, a 30” TV commercial for 1 year is 200% of the BSF for one territory. Online usage (Twitter, FB, YouTube) is 100% BSF. Cutdowns and other usage is quoted based on the client brief.

 Are fees different in the UK and Greece? Our fees are based on Equity rates in the UK and on SEDIKE rates in Greece.

What format are files delivered in? We can offer uncompressed raw files or we can edit them based on the client’s preferences.

Can you arrange remote recordings? We connect our clients through software such as Source Connect so that they can be present during the recording when required.

Are GreekVO agents? We represent voice over artists on projects and take commission on work.

How long does it take to book talent? We can share options for voices within 24 hrs and hold a recording within 1-2 days of confirming a booking.