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Do you want a video with a voiceover, but don’t have the content?

Whether you’re creating a video to demonstrate your product, or a promo film to introduce your services, Greek VO can help.

We can link you up with our partner animators, copywriters, film-makers and designers to create engaging content for your company, including a recorded voiceover in English or Greek. 

The videos can be posted on websites and social media, on YouTube and at events. 


Over the past 10 years, we have worked with top animators and graphic designers across different sectors; from telecoms and banking, to NGOs and start-ups. 

Our projects vary from telling a company story to breaking down complex data visually. 

Based on your brief, we will link you up with the right creative team, developing a storyboard and narrative and selecting the appropriate animation style


We have partnered with a boutique film production company specialising in web content, short films and documentaries.

So whether you want to tell your customers about your service, introduce your team, or promote a specific event, we link you up with, and manage video production, from storyboard development to film shoots, editing and delivery.